I met my teacher Andreas Wisniewski in February 2000, and fell in love with serious practice. This inevitably created great difficulty. I was a journalist, a young, married mother,  and this was my first encounter with a wisdom that blew my life apart. Another of my respected teachers said recently. “When your ego is destroyed you can put it back together with spit, but never again with glue.”

However this putting back together with spit has its own mysterious discoveries. Through falling apart over and over I discovered through the peeling away of layers that I could connect to a kind of indestructible version of myself. However this takes practise; much practise. Recently I have been training in more therapeutic practises following a life tragedy and I can feel how the repeated movements, with mantra, and dedication do fire up new neural pathways, which if repeatedly triggered will create new frontal cortex. This is the spit. 

The first meeting with Andreas, and self discoveries as I practised,  propelled me along to months, and years of training.

I began yoga training in the first intake of the Life Centre are in London. I finished this as I started teaching in the corporate market, meeting people who have become lifelong friends.

The meditation spending up to a couple of months a year at at monastery in Holland sitting in silent days of meditation practice. I also now sit with myself, at home, and less in the monastery, but it remains a serious aspect of my daily life in London.

I met Genpo Roshi in the Spring of 2001 on a trip to Holland when he was first dex090513_0197developing the Big Mind method, so worked with it and him in the early days.

I am drawn to difficulty. but also a bit like playing with fire. Big a mind method resonates still in my life, not least recently in Yoga Nidra work where in deep relaxation working with the voice of trauma, and the need to move it from the hippocampus to the amygdala, I realised that the opportunity to heal deep trauma can be addressed by Big Mind work by speaking with the voices in the space of non dual relaxation. It sounds insane! But talking to the trauma helped me release it, and I felt it willingly move to a less threatening energy


I teach throughout Berlin privately in small groups. My classes are held both in German and in English, and vary according to the needs of the group.

Your structure worked beautifully. It was a joy to have the mother and daughter combination.