After I left Oxford University in the mid 1980’s I worked first in journalism, from where I learned many worldly skills. I came to yoga following my own challenges with a young family, and a life in London. I have been teaching in London, Berlin, occasionally in  the US and the Bahamas for 20 years. I teach now with more depth; with women, in London and people who have more entrenched symptoms of stress patterns. I have trained with many of the world’s most sensitive and wise teachers, including Tias Little, Rod Stryker, Aadil Pahkaval, Heather Mason, Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and many others. I am a trained and qualified Yoga Nidra teacher.

In the past 10 years I have become a specialist in working more deeply with the range of challenges thrown up by modern life. I am grateful for all the teachings I have worked with that are thousands of years old, and that have been retuned with wisdom and compassion and  modern neuroscience into yoga methods that can guide up more holistically to good health. Pharmacology has its own place but to successfully and healthily transition through challenge we can rely on some of the ancient teachings that honour our bodies in minds and go to the heart of our human needs for full understanding and connection.

I originally trained with the Life Centre in London on their first ever intake of student teachers.I have recently finished a 2 year training with the Minded Institute in London where I have come to study medical science and neuroscience so that I have been able to understand at a scientific level, as well as at a compassionate level how yoga and meditation can change lives, or simply be a companion in life.  I have many thousands of hours of teaching practise, and many testimonials available on request.

Below I include a little more of my yoga journey:

I began yoga training in the first intake of the Life Centre in London. I finished this as I started teaching in the corporate market, meeting people who have become lifelong friends.

My  meditation practise is important to me, and I have been  spending up to a couple of months a year at at monastery in Holland sitting in silent days of meditation practice. I also now sit with myself, at home, and less in the monastery, but it remains a serious aspect of my daily life in London.

I met Genpo Roshi in the Spring of 2001 on a trip to Holland when he was first dex090513_0197developing the Big Mind method, so worked with it and him in the early days. The Big  mind method resonates still in my life, not least recently in Yoga Nidra work.  


I teach throughout Berlin privately in small groups. My classes are held both in German and in English, and vary according to the needs of the group.


I travel yearly to the Bahamas to work with a US group.