Compare to despair.

I heard this term in a yoga lecture the other day and I was struck by how true it is, especially now within the yoga world, where there is so much emphasis on how you look in your leggings or yoga bra, and how you compare to others. . The same thought also occurred to me both in another lecture by Gabor Mate who has written the book “Hold Onto Your Kids” and who is so wise when it comes to authenticity.

He maintains that if we let our children get too separated from us and take their value system from others, then they will too become despairing. And finally when I was walking through the park this morning and saw so many young children doing school sports days, I noticed how often the little ones when it came to the final few metres when they could perhaps win; they would nearly always look to the person running near them and fall or fail.

Rudolph Steiner about whom I do not know a lot, but I do remember one of his maxims was to anchor the child in its own existence. Perhaps if there were more of this in UK society we wouldn’t have the government that we have, who offer no clear leadership or authority.

action activity boy children
Photo by Lukas on Pexels.comI

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