Anti depressants

I have learned and I am still learning to accept and embrace my depression. In the spirit that everything is a gift, and even the most desperately painful experiences we have are given to help us. Anti anything is really not going to help.

i have taken anti depressants on and off for 16 years. Recently I stopped. My yoga and meditation practise are able to help me now wee the mind off my addict, which began when I was a small child unable to receive  nurture and understanding. I have forgiven my parents by now, but having read Gabor Mates work on addiction I now understand that the lack of connection fostered a need that kept playing out in my life until recently.

when I meditate I can see the inner addict, and I can see how she I see just a small child lost in need. Then i can feel compassion for her, and the need disappears.

Thus with the anti depressant medication. I needed it to cure the need. It became a chemical dependency u til I could mindfully navigate what was happening in my brain to cure the need. I send my hippocampus love and impassion. I energise my amygdala and balance out the left and right sides. I do this energetically to work on the parts of my brain that didn’t develop well due to childhood trauma and neglect. It seems to be working!

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