depression is now officially

.one of the  most critical diseases in the developed world. Especially linked to women, and more and more the elderly. Radical solutions are needed, but these are not going to come from the current medical system. Anti depressants do not cure depression; they merely delay the problem and therefore the solution as well.

I have struggled for 40 years with depression. When I unconsciously accepted that the system into which I was being forced to accept, was destructive, unfair, dangerous and perverted.

It has only been in the last 5 years or so that I have begun to see some of the truths surrounding my existence. Thats how powerful unconscious habits are!

Yoga has been an important step on the road to seeing clearly along with meditation, and a few amazing people. See list of teachers, and books.

The first step in curing depression is to allow yourself to really really feel the depths of your pain. This is not easy. And most people will collude with you to prevent it, Including the medical profession. Not their fault particularly, as they are part of the system that does not hold failure, sadness, pain, confusion to be valid and important feelings.

When the futility of looking outside for cures begins to really sink in, then the problem becomes being able to sit with the pain, and discomfort, and not to run away. Meditation practise is essential here.

Music also.

Allow the feelings to really be there. See your own death as a friend, and realise that it will happen. If you can see how much you run away from this reality and start allowing it to be part of your life, things will change.

I am about to post my sequence on the website. Please let me know what you think.


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