insomnia and yoga

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Yoga and meditation are skilful tools ; upaya. To be used with wisdom, discretion and compassion. Combining these ancient disciplines with modern scientific discoveries in order to maximise life possibilities, joys, sorrows, and opportunities has somehow become my life work. Within these pages you will find my take and practises on how to navigate some of the more challenging aspects of living.

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Your structure worked beautifully. It was a joy to have the mother and daughter combination.


I have attended a number of retreats where Jenny was teaching. Jenny is technically superb in both yoga practice and teaching methods and I always came away feeling like I had benefited both physically and mentally. I always felt I was in good hands and enjoyed the experiences so much.


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Is never what you think or expect it to be. By its very nature it cannot be contained, only allowed. Within our yoga practise we can create space by surrendering to the moment deeply, allowing difficult feelings to arise, and penetrating beyond them. In the same way the mind can create space. But if we … Continue reading Space….

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